7 reasons why you should choose white bedding every time

There’s a reason hotels like to use crisp white bedding - it’s so simple but can be so luxurious at the same time. Everyone can have white bedding and there’s nothing boring or plain about it in our opinion. We’ve put together seven reasons why we think you and everyone else should move over to the white side...

1) Timeless and classic

Luxury white bedding is always on trend. It looks great in every bedroom and won’t need to be changed as soon as a new trend comes along. It has been a classic bedroom essential for years and 20 years down the line it will be just as popular.

2) An easy way to update your bedroom

If you don’t want to paint your room or purchase new furniture stick some white sheets on! It’s amazing how adding white bedding can brighten a room and make it feel fresh and new.

3) They’re both masculine and feminine

Can’t agree on the bedroom style? White sheets balance both masculinity and femininity.

4) Calming and relaxing

White bedding has a calming effect on your mood and if you go for a high thread count your guests will sink into luxury white bedding and have the best nights sleep.

5) Easy to accessorise

All styles and decors go with white. It’s the easiest bedding to accessorise and every time you buy new sheets you don’t need to change the colour of your cushions or throws.

6) Simple and effortless

It’s simple and understated. White bedding can be slightly dishevelled or draped back on without any precision on a morning and it still looks great. White sheets look inviting as well as stylish when they’re slightly thrown together.

7) It’s easy to clean and repurchase

White bedding is actually really easy to care for. You can wash at higher temperatures than most coloured bedding sets and if one pillow case gets damaged you can easily replace it from a number of different sets.

It’s one less thing to change every time you want to change colour schemes and will make laundry day that little bit easier if you have white bedding throughout. Even if you have it in every bedroom, each bed can still look unique depending on how you dress them. So, have we convinced you yet?