The ulmate bed bug buster!

Your mattress has been chosen with care and will provide many years of comfort, so when it comes to protection there’s really no better choice than our range of protectors from CleanRest. It protects against allergens, spills, bed bugs and bacteria and combined with its MicronOne waterproof fabric ensures a healthy night’s sleep and clean mattress.


MicronOne allergen barrier fabric is known to allergen sufferers as the go to choice to alleviate night me allergic reacons from allergens stuck in your mattress or pillow. MicronOne, used in all CleanRest bedding protecon products, shrinks the fabric pore size to a microscopic 1 micron, which stops all allergen particles like, dust mites, pet dander, mould spore, micro-toxins from passing to or from the mattress or pillow.


Encasements have stretchy tearresistant sidewalls that fit every mattress depth like a glove, so there is no need to measure the mattress depth before buying an encasement. Stretchy sidewalls makes installation and removal a breeze.


All CleanRest zipped encasements are designed with our fully integrated and selflocking zipped security device, Zip-N-Click. Neither bed bugs nor allergens can enter or escape the mattress encasement and the zip cannot open by mistake.

Gain peace of mind knowing your mattresses are protected from the two most common causes of damage; spills and incontinence.