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The art of mindfulness to help with sleep
Stress and anxiety are usually the key reasons people struggle to sleep. The fact that you can’t sleep also adds to the stress and anxiety as the night progresses, and you begin to worry about how you will feel the following day. Common symptoms of these feelings include: Not being...
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Should you take a nap?
A nap is a short period of sleep, usually taken during the day. Most mammals are polyphasic sleepers, sleeping multiple times within 24 hours. On the other hand, humans are monophasic sleepers, sleeping only once during the same period. It is still unclear whether this is our natural sleep pattern,...
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Your purchases are making a difference
We understand that every business has a responsibility to act responsibly towards its team, the...
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Learn how to create your own sleep ritual
There are so many things that can prevent us from getting a good night's sleep....
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Meet Rob, our Sleep Ambassador!
Robert Hobson BSc MSc RNutr Rob is a Food Nutritionist as well as Sleep Coach and...
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Towel buying guide
Before you start, What is GSM and why does it matter? GSM, more commonly known...
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How to ensure your guests get the best night's sleep
When you’re hosting guests, you want them to get the best night's sleep possible and...
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7 reasons why you should choose white bedding every time
There’s a reason hotels like to use crisp white bedding - it’s so simple but...
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Introducing our new range of Bathrobes
Whether you want to give your guests a spot of luxury or just keep them...
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Dukes London, Boutique Hotel
Star Linen were requested to assist the Dukes London hotel with the revamping of its...
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New Trade Catalogue 2022

Products designed to enhance

We selected a great range of products to truly enhance your guests' experience. Our interactive online catalgue will help you find the products you need. Click onto the page links for simple navigation.

Lofthouse Catalogue

Perfect for your home

Inspired products from our hotels range that have
been tried and tested by 1,000's of guests, that would be a perfect
accompaniment to your home.