Towel buying guide

Before you start, What is GSM and why does it matter?

GSM, more commonly known as 'Grams per square metre' determines the quality of your towel.

Normally, the higher the GSM the thicker and more absorbent your towel will be, this is because there are more loops present than in lower GSM towels.

Our Towel Range:

Orion Towel


Our highest quality luxury cotton towelling range is the height of indulgence. With a beautiful pleated header, a super-soft feel and brilliant absorbency. A slightly heavier towel with a smooth finish to the pile. A timeless look for any luxury bathroom. Long lasting wash properties often seen in 5 star and boutique hotels. 

Weights: Face 545 GSM, Hand 665 GSM, Bath 600 GSM, Bath Sheet 600 GSM, Mat 1000 GSM.


Aurora Towel

Our Aurora towel is the first of its kind. We’ve taken excess production cotton and restored the fibre back to its original state. The incredible result is a product with the look, feel and strength of an everyday towel with no pesticides, fertilizers, land use or water waste.

As well as providing your guests with a soft and sumptuous towel, this towel also has a beautiful wide header bar with embossed diamond design.

Weights: Face 500 GSM, Hand 560 GSM, Bath 560 GSM, Bath Sheet 560 GSM, Mat 1000 GSM.


Atlas Towel

This towel combines great value with great quality and longevity. The header bar features a pleated design, the number of header bars differ on each size for ease of identification for your hotel staff. Why not try our timeless Greek key design bath mat to complete the look.

Weights: Face 500 GSM, Hand 500 GSM, Bath 500 GSM, Bath Sheet 500 GSM, Mat 600 GSM.

If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your bathroom, try our Atlas colour range.


Aquarius Towel

Our vibrant blue and white striped pool towels are made from 100% cotton and have been specifically designed to prevent colour loss from chlorine. Offering 460 GSM, the Aquarius will provide great coverage and absorbency for your guests.

Also available in bespoke colours upon request.

Weights: Bath 460GSM.


Astro Towel

Introducing Astro, economic and robust. This range of towels are perfect if you are on a budget, but still demand good quality. This 500gsm, 100% cotton towel cannot be beaten on quality or price.

Weights: Face 500 GSM, Hand 500 GSM, Bath 500 GSM, Bath Sheet 500 GSM.

How to care for your towels

  • Always wash and dry your towels before using them, this will set the fabric and permit maximum absorbency.
  • We recommend that you machine wash your Star Linen towels at 40°C, washing above this can cause towels to shrink. We also suggest that you tumble dry your towels after washing to keep them soft and feeling new!
  • Fabric conditioners should be used sparingly, and not with every wash as they decrease your towels ability to absorb water.
  • Take measures to ensure that your towels don’t come into contact with any products containing traces of bleach, as this can stain and damage your towels.
  • Don’t be tempted to pull any loose threads out of cotton towels, instead, simply cut out any loops with a pair of scissors.
  • If you treat your towels with care, they can absorb more water, stay strong, dry quickly and retain that super-soft feeling.

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