Why you should invest in hotel quality bed linen

What is thread count, and does it matter?

“Thread Count” refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads that appear in one square inch of fabric. This normally ranges from 60 to 800, with the most popular being from 180 to 350. Normally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.

Know your weave

The weave of your sheet is also something the consider, and heavily affects the look and feel and comes down entirely to preference. The most commonly know is the “plain weave” which is produced by placing one yarn over and one yarn under weave, resulting in a crisp finish.

Don’t be spun a yarn…

The quality of the fibre is also a very important factor - high quality fibres with a lower thread count will last longer, and feel softer than those with lower quality fibres and higher thread counts.

We can all agree that there’s nothing better than a freshly made hotel bed with its beautifully soft sheets and sumptuous pillows and duvets for a restful night’s sleep.

Here’s how you can create a five star bed at home:


The most important ingredient to any 5 star bed is the linen, with a 400 thread count, our Kensington bed linen will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. As well as looking fabulous, it also feels wonderfully silky soft against your skin.

In 100% white cotton, the Kensington will make you feel as though you’re wrapped in a cloud.


Create the perfect 5 star bed with our beautiful Downtown pillow, with a 100% cotton patterned quilted cover and luxury ball fibre filling which is both soft and supportive . We understand that the level of support required from a pillow is a personal preference so this pillow is available in soft or firm


Our Sandringham duvet is beautifully warm and weighty, the 85% goose feather and 15% goose down filling gives it that perfect cosy feel. The 230 thread cover is box constructed which means the filling will stay equally disturbed so you stay perfectly warm all night long. This duvet has been designed to keep you warm and comfortable with natural breathability for a good night’s sleep