Meet Rob, our Sleep Ambassador!

Robert Hobson BSc MSc RNutr

Rob is a Food Nutritionist as well as Sleep Coach and has written many articles and books on both topics.

Keep it simple

Rob’s philosophy has always been to keep things simple, in fact this simplicity is very much the key to his success. He believes in three essential components to enhanced seep; Behaviour, Environment and Diet ‘BED’ and we would not disagree, which is why we are woking alongside Rob to help provide valuable information on how we can all sleep better, clearly with a focus on ‘Environment' as here at Star Linen UK we are passionate that better sleep can be achieved with the right bedding, whether that’s simply the right pillow for you, or a combination of selecting the best duvets, toppers and mattresses all there to enhance  your sleep.

Helping us to all get a better night's sleep

With Rob's help and support we will be rolling out information designed to help us all achieve better sleep, combined with some amazing recipes for getting you sleep ready too…it should be a lot of fun and very enlightening to say the least!