Star Linen launches the Star Way

We are on a mission to ramp up our sustainability goals which will encompass four key areas; Human, Social, Environment and Economic, we have called these Our Community, Our Team, Our Planet and Our Ethics.

It is very clear that our natural and human resources at our disposal are not unlimited. Our business relies on energy and water as well as nature-based materials, such as cotton and water, being readily available. We also depend on international transportation to bring our products into the UK and then utilise distribution networks to deliver our products to our customers. Whilst we are doing all we can to reduce transport, we cannot wholly replace our need for transportation and energy.

In today’s economy, all natural and human resources are increasingly under pressure. That is why we are looking to build a more sustainable business. We are doing this by embedding sustainability considerations in the way we conduct our business. From our supply chain to our deliveries to our customers, we want to become more accountable for our impact as a business.